Grocery & Gourmet Food - James K. McFarland

Name: James K. McFarland
Phone Number: 8435094328
Type of Business: Baked Goods
Full Business Name: Justified Jerky
Years of Exp.: 1
Email Address:

Brief Description: Home made Beef Jerky. Mild(garlic and black pepper), Hotter than you think.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry - Taylor Gathers

Name: Taylor Gathers
Phone Number: 8437073934
Type of Business: Shoe Line
Full Business Name: Passion Shoe Bar
Years of Exp.:
Email Address:

Brief Description: We provide affordable woman's shoes in all styles.

Culinary Arts - Chef Philip McAlister

Phone Number: 6082138249
Type of Business: Culinary
Full Business Name: MacMade
Years of Exp.: 20
Business Website (optional):
Email Address:

Business Social Media Address: @chefmac23

Brief Description: A toast to life; glasses raised in salute. The night is young, energy is good, and it gets even better with great food. . . You can taste the quality in every bite, and you lament not being able to eat this well at home. But you can... Eating good food is about respecting your body as much as it is about delighting your palate with intricate flavors and textures. And while we know you appreciate high quality foods, we also know that you don't have the time to devote to learning all there is to know about quality cooking and eating.

Dance Instructor - Alex Dixon

Name: Alexander Dixon
Phone Number: 8439403410
Type of Business: Dance instructor/organization
Full Business Name: My Simple 1-2 Step
Years of Exp.: 12 years
Business Website:
Email Address:


Brief Description: Teaching the basic of 2 step and basic dance styles.

Financial Services - Robert Townsend

Name: Robert Towsend
Phone Number: 8436930241
Type of Business: Financial Service
Full Business Name: Primerica
Years of Exp.: 32
Business Website:
Email Address:

Brief Description: Helping people earn more income, Get proper Life Insurance, staying Debt Free and becoming Financially Independent

Garden & Indoor/Outdoor - Lonnie Ivery

Name: Lonnie Ivery
Phone Number: 8433641608
Type of Business: Landscape, painting
Full Business Name: Lonnie's Handy Service
Years of Exp.: 36

Brief Description: Lawn Care and General cleaning and painting

Handmade Products - Syriah McElroy

Name: Syriah D McElroy
Phone Number: 3305598895
Type of Business: Gift Baskets Creation
Full Business Name: SYRIAH'S GIFT BASKETS 
Years of Exp.: 1
Email Address:

Brief Description: I create and design Gift Baskets for any and all occasions

Interior Design, Decorating & Styling - Juanita Marie Butler

Name: Juanita Marie Butler
Phone Number: 6787498220
Type of Business: Interior Design, Decorating & Styling
Full Business Name: J. Marie Interior Design
Years of Exp.: 12

Email Address:

Business Social Media Address:

Brief Description: Interior Design, Decorating, Home Staging, Personal Shopping for Home Décor, Event Styling

Music Lessons - Andrew Thomas

Name: Andrew Thomas
Phone Number: 8432240762
Type of Business: Drum Lessons
Full Business Name: Drew's Drum Lessons
Years of Exp.: 15 years
Email Address:

Brief Description: Give drum lessons to all ages over 4. Also teach students how to read and write music.

Real Estate - Lilly McElroy

Name: Lilly McElroy
Phone Number: 8437187470
Type of Business: Real Estate
Full Business Name: Carolina One Real Estate
Years of Exp.: 2
Business Website:
Email Address:

Brief Description: Dedicated to Results


Real Estate - Sharron Griffin

Name: Sharron Griffin
Phone Number: 8432707685
Type of Business: Real Estate Consultant
Full Business Name: SGriffin & Associates @ Carolina One Real Estate
Years of Exp.: 12



Email Address:

Brief Description: Assisting buyers and sellers with home buying or selling process. Not just s a sale but a lifetime Relationship


Salon - Latia Joyce

Name: Latia Joyce
Phone Number: 8439343802
Type of Business: Salon
Full Business Name: Vio Marchels Salon & Beauty Bar
Years of Exp.: 6
Email Address:

Brief Description: Salon services for all hair types

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